“THE SELLING” is a supernatural comedy about a real estate agent trying to sell a haunted house written and produced by Gabe and co-produced by Etta. It premiered at the San Francisco International Film Festival in 2011, played at over 30 festivals, won over a dozen awards, and is currently available on DVD and VOD. It had its television premiere on Fearnet in April 2013.

It stars Gabriel Diani, Jonathan Klein, Janet Varney, and Etta Devine. With Nancy Lenehan and Barry Bostwick as “Father Jimmy.”

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What the critics say

“Looking for a good place to laugh till you drop? THE SELLING is the right place for you. Proves to be a laugh out loud success.” – Ain’t It Cool News
“…terrific sketch comedy acting from an ensemble radiating chemistry…” – Filmmaker Magazine
“THE SELLING is full of spooks and supsense – but, more than anything else, comedy. Echoes such classic horror/comedies as ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN or the Three Stooges ‘We Want Our Mummy’ short.” – Fangoria
“This movie is like Halloween. Not HALLOWEEN the franchise but Halloween the holiday put on film.” – The Huffington Post
“It’s perhaps the greatest horror-comedy since Shaun of the Dead.” – Disturbing Films
“A fantastic cast, a good sense of humor, and fun direction make this one of the better horror/comedy in the past decade…” – We Got This Covered
“(FIVE STARS) … a genuinely funny and intelligently written horror comedy with a nice amount of suspense.” – Film Balaya

Awards for The Selling

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