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DDMTA Pre-Production

Greetings Apocateers! Hope you’re 2014 is going fantastic. We’ve been buzzing away on preproduction for the movie in anticipation of the start of principal photography. Want to know what’s been happening? Interested to hear how you can become more involved? Read on, dear reader!


Mrs. Peel thinks she's working too much.
Mrs. Peel thinks she’s working too much.

We’ve been working with brilliant line producer Valentina Bove to put together our shoot schedule and final budget. We’ll be shooting in an exciting and unconventional way.

  •  We’ll have 18 shoot days.
  •  We’ll be shooting primarily in chronological order.
  • We’ll shoot the first two thirds of the movie in April, take a break to cultivate our apocalypse “looks,” and shoot the final third in June. If you have a set visit you’ll be able to schedule for whichever shooting section works best for you. If you’re going to be a featured extra in our Muskrat Lodge sequence you’ll be shooting in the June section (though if you can’t make this you may switch to a set visit in the first section).


We’ve been working with our fantastic cinematographer, Matthias Schubert, on the shot list for the movie. Matthias just updated his demo reel with tons of great footage from the film he shot in Afghanistan.  

Dan Jenkins, our VFX supervisor, joined us to talk about the best way to create burning cars, starry nights, and other VFX shots to enhance the movie. That halo is real.

MUSIC  We met again with our composer Geoff Mann to set the key for our song and dance sequence at the end of the film. Once he’s finished with the backup track we can start working on the number! LOCATIONS We’ve had lots of suggestions and help from backers and folks following on Facebook but we’re still having trouble finding some of our locations. If you have any leads on the following please let us know!

  • LODGE: A large, secluded cabin or lodge (or one that can be cheated to appear large and secluded) preferably near Los Angeles or inexpensive enough to be able to justify putting up our cast and crew. It’s based in part on the Bohemian Grove Club in San Francisco where conspiracy theorists theorize conspiracies about the rich and powerful people who rule the world going there to be conspiratorial so the ideal location would be rustic but high end. Think animal heads on the wall, stone fireplace, and expensive scotch.
  • “LOOTED” GROCERY STORE: A Trader Joe’s type grocery store that has been ransacked. There are 13 Albertson’s closing in the Los Angeles area so ideally we’d be able to strike a deal to shoot in one of them after the stock is off the shelves but before they’ve gutted the place of shelving and checkout counters. If you have any connections in the grocery store industry please let us know!
  • UPSCALE HOME W/ GARAGE: In the script, we run across a very prepared couple (Janet Varney and TBD) without any kids who have a very elegant home and a well-stocked garage (we’ll supply the stock with movie magic but it would be nice to have an empty garage to fill). If you live in the LA area and might know of a place that would be willing to have us for a day we want to hear from you. Also, if you’re in the real estate industry or know someone who is and might be able to get us permission to shoot in a vacant house that’s been dressed for a showing that would be ideal.
  • OFFICE: We need a clean, modern, upscale-looking office for a scene where we meet with an agent (pre-apocalypse). Are you an office manager and can get permission for us to shoot on the weekend or after hours?
  • DESERTED ROADS: We’ll be traveling through deserted roads for a large section of the movie. If you have any property in the LA area (or know someone who does) who would be willing to have us drop us a line.

Because our budget is small we will have a small crew with small impact on the locations we use. There won’t be 50 people stomping through your living room or a huge truck taking up parking or a lot of equipment people normally associate with filming. All ideas are appreciated! Here’s a location we have found: a cool street to drive down during one of our interior car scenes.

“LAST EXIT TO NOWHERE” T-SHIRT SPONSOR We’re nerds. And Gabe enjoys wearing nerdy t-shirts but it can be tricky getting clearances to wear certain designs so we’re very lucky to have the amazing T-shirt company “Last Exit to Nowhere” donating t-shirts to use in the production. If you’ve never seen a “Last Exit to Nowhere” t-shirt go to their website now and check it out. They have tons of cool tees inspired by great movies in pop culture and are offering 15% off until the end of the month. Fan of “Alien?” Get a “Nostromo” crew t-shirt. “Blade Runner” fantatic? Get a tee with a “Tyrell Corporation” logo. In short they’re awesome and have granted us the use of some tees in the film. Can you spot which movies these are inspired by? If you grew up in 80s it shouldn’t be too difficult…


Speaking of product placements…we’re looking for someone to help us reach out to companies to get placements and sponsorships for the movie. This individual would be responsible for contacting companies to request product to be used as props in the film and food for craft services. We have a wish list of the types of products that would be the most helpful. The product placement intern would look up who represents those products at www.erma.org and contact the company. The ideal candidate will have great sales, phone, and communication skills. You will receive onscreen credit under “Product Placement Services” and we will talk to your school about seeing if we can get you credit.


Our friends over at The Nerdist animated one of our sketches for their Youtube channel and we couldn’t be more delighted. Take a look at where the Tortoise and the Hare are today. WARNING: We will be performing this sketch live in the movie so if you want to remain completely spoiler free you may want to wait.


 CHAD MESERVE IN “MAKE” MAGAZINE Our multi-talented editor Chad Meserve was featured in “Make” Magazine for his fantastic robot sculptures and artwork. Those of you who got a Huck Finn “Robot Jim” figure during our first Kickstarter or one of his ornaments or canvasses this time around know how talented Chad is. Check out the article and then go towww.DayOfTheRobot.com to look at more of his work.

The Bird Apocalypse!

We’ll be shooting Diani And Devine Meet The Apocalypse in April and June. Too bad. This bird apocalypse would have been great in the movie.
Hopefully they are freaking out about impending rain. We could really use it.

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