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DDMTA Kickstarter Update the 9th

Kickstarting now at ! Only two days left to pledge. Be in a scene with Barry Bostwick, Armin Shimerman, and Harry Groener or get a Skype with those guys. Or just get the movie. All our rewards are a bargain.

650 backers on Kickstarter so Watson gets cheese & crackers

Karen Wilson was our 650th backer for on Kickstarter so Watson gets Cheese and Crackers!!! He says thank you and so do we. We only have 2 days left so if you like stuff that is good help Watson get another treat!

Matthias Meets the Apocalypse

Our Director of Photography hates being on camera. So we’re exploiting his cute baby instead. Go to to get this movie made. There are only two days left.

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