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Sooo close!

Really. We’re so close to getting this movie finished. WE PROMISE. Of course, this last stretch is where all the fine detail nitpick-y work starts coming together and that takes a while. Because we want it to be the best movie it can be. We’re hoping the movie will be completely finished in late August/early September. We also really hoped it would be done in January but we think we’ll be closer to the mark this time.

So what have we been up to since we released the teaser trailer??? Glad you asked…


We had our first weekend with our Sound Editor/Designer/Supervisor Dan Olmsted at the Saul Zaentz Film Center in Berkeley, California. Dan had been working on cleaning up the sound and doing a first pass on the sound design for several months but this was our first chance to sit down with him in the room and go through it.

It was amazing.

Sound is such an important element to a film and when it’s done well something you don’t really think about while watching a movie. Those footsteps you hear? That’s foley. Those background noises? Ambient sound. That explosion, gunshot, or weird noise in the distance? A sound effect. We did our first pass on the film with Dan and will do one more once the VFX for the climactic scene is finished.

Special shout out to Alex Lee, who worked on our original campaign video and has been helping Dan out with foley and ambient sounds. He went the extra mile to record awesome tracks that really elevate the film.


We’ve been working with Geoff Mann on finalizing the compositions for the score and some of the songs in the film. We’re very excited about the music and also Watson really enjoys playing with Geoff’s dogs, Gizmo and Monty.

Gizmo. Monty only photographs in blurs.
Gizmo. Monty only photographs in blurs.


Our intrepid buddy Dan has had a busy year and is now relocating his family to Orlando to work on a theme park out there so we’ve brought in someone to help finish our remaining VFX shots. Robert Emrich has worked with our DP Matthias Schubert in the past and is working remotely from China where he teaches VFX. Check out some of these shots he and Dan have been working on!


The time has come! We’re going to be sending out surveys soon for backer rewards. We won’t start fulfilling most rewards until the movie is finished and submitted to film festivals but we need to track everyone who purchased a “Special Thanks” Add-on so that we can put together the end credits for the movie. That also means, this is your last chance to get your name in the movie! If you decide you’d like your name in the movie in the Special Thanks section (or at the Associate, Co, or Executive Producer levels) you can still purchase them through our Shopstarter Pre-order site or you will have an opportunity to add it on through the survey. We’ll be announcing a cut-off for these rewards soon so get them while you can!


Attention Focus Group members! We will be focus grouping soon! We have a close to final cut of the film we need your help to finalize. Those of you who live in Los Angeles we will be asking you for some dates in the next few weeks when you might be available to attend a live screening but everyone in the focus group will get a Vimeo link to this cut of the film and a survey to fill out about what you think is working and not working. Following that, we’ll have some follow up questions about different versions of scenes to get your take on and maybe fonts and poster art too!


Gabe recently appeared on Janet Varney’s podcast “The JV Club” for a free-wheelin’ conversation about ghosts, high school, and comic books. If you want to hear him talk for an hour and a half you’re in luck!

And if you missed it the first time check out Etta’s appearance on the show from 2013!


We’re not sure how we’ve gone this long in Southern California without going to SDCC but we finally made it this year. Etta was invited to appear on a Crowdfunding panel on Thursday so we both went  and experienced the craziness that is San Diego in early July!

The Trouble With Face-Huggers.
The Trouble With Face-Huggers.
Thankfully, Gabe got off with life in an Iso-cube.
Thankfully, Gabe got off with life in an Iso-cube.

Etta’s panel went great and we were thrilled that a couple of our backers, Paul Rose and Tracy Doering Sheffield, came out to support the informative talk about connecting with your audience and raising funds for your passion project.

By odd coincidence, Gabe’s brother Joshua Gilliland headlined his own panel put on by his blog The Legal Geeks where he and his legal partners (including an actual sitting Judge) presented on the legal issues on the planet Tatooine from the Star Wars universe. It was a blast and the packed audience ate it up.

We wrapped up the trip at the fabulous Nerdist Party at Petco Park on Friday night where we  had much more fun than this picture indicates.



That’s it for now but stay tuned for those surveys and more news soon!

Plastic Attacker Vs. Watson

After a lovely day of shooting Diani And Devine Meet The Apocalypse we were waiting for our dinner when Watson spotted his greatest foe yet. Don’t worry, he gets away.

Slate Movie- First half of production DDMTA

Our brilliant DIT/Assistant Editor Rob Schultz cut together the slates of all the scenes we’ve shot of Diani And Devine Meet The Apocalypse so far. So basically this is the entire first half of the movie. Enjoy!

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